This is a wonderful collection of stories that I've re-read a few times. In each story I am quickly engrossed with interesting characters that I can relate to, and working/thinking through various situations that explore the essence of some deep emotion. It's amazing how rich a story can be told in so few words.

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The author put his effort to explain the human complex behavior "In a few words". Most of us might have seen the characters in these stories or even be a character. The stories are an attempt to explain a different perspective of the same situation. For an example, most of us believe that the creativity is not possible with distraction but the author feels it begins with distraction. I was raising my eyebrows many times while reading the stories. The biggest surprise is the "A Thanksless Job" story!

I read the stories in single pass but i was reflecting on the content for few days. This is a big achievement for the author.

- Udhayakumar Durai,

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Simply awesome! I would highly recommend to read this book is written with so many good things embedded in each story so it is worth reading twice. I personally liked the "recognizing a hero" story. I am waiting for my 4 year old daughter to read "sundar's realization" story!!! This book covers every age group...

These short stories are really nice and I enjoyed reading. Though there is no complexity in the stories I had to read few stories twice because of twist in last line. Ramaswami has narrated the stories beautifully and eloquently. All age group will find this book interesting.

This gathering of sixteen short stories shows the richness and vitality of the form. Each story represents one of the many modes of storytelling now in our literature. This is a uniquely contemporary collection, yet with an eye on tradition.

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- Dinesh,

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